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Every year we save 100's of animals from high risk situations. Most of them are either shelter animals at risk for being euthanized,  stray animals that have been living on the streets for long periods of time, or come from neglect cases. Most of these animals come to us with a variety of health issues that need to be addressed and taken care of. We invest lots of time in our animals to ensure their temperament. We test them with all different types of animals including livestock, children, strangers ect, to ensure that we find the perfect forever home for them. 

Pets for vets


service ready Canine

We are now proud partners with Service Ready Canine to provide rescue dogs to be trained and given to our Veterans.

This is what they do:

Service Ready

Canine Foundation

We train service dogs specifically to help Veterans who have disabilities like...

  • visual impairment
  • hearing impairments
  • mental illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • seizure disorder
  • mobility impairment
  • diabetes

For more information please visit their site:

How pets for vets works


This program can only work if we have teamwork. 

How this program works is we (All Things Rescue) rescue dogs, after they are vetted and treated for any conditions they may have came into our rescue with they are evaluated and chosen for the PETS FOR VETS Program. 

At that time they are then given to Service Ready Canine for Training to become a service animal. 

After their training is complete they will be given to the designated Veteran.

To apply for this program you must email us at